In pact with nature

We approach our work with respect to ensure we are taking care of our arctic playground, as vulnarable as it is

The arctic in our hearts

The raw landscape we live in creates emotions. We are priviliged to be allowed to work in such a stunning landscape. The archipelago around Sommarøy is wild and unique, From steep mountains and sheer cliffs straight into the ocean, to sandy white beaches and marine wildlife. These are some of the unique highlights of the arctic north.

In a sea kayak we become one with nature, experiencing the wildlife and scenery up close. One of the most majestic is perhaps the sea eagle that dominates the sky above us on certain days. We also come across sea otter, seals and porpoise whales to mention a few. We are also enriched with marine bird species and plants. Unique and beautiful, but also in danger in our time of climate changes and a huge responsibility to keep in mind. We operate in a vulnerable arctic environment as need to make vise choice, every step we make.