Sea fishing excursion

Chasing the big catch

Sommarøy is a haven and well known for its deep sea fishing.

With a short distance to travel by boat to reach some of the best fishing bank in the region a catch is near guaranteed.

The main season for cod fishing is from january to april when the fish come in to breed, but fishing is a year round activity up here, with a range of seasonal species from halibut to makrell. 

Practical information:

Minimum four persons.

Season: Year round

Departure times at request and meeting point is The Sommarøy Activity Centre(see map below)

This is a family friendly tour.

Vi kjører turer ut fra vårt aktivitetessenter hele året. Er dere et firma, vennegjeng eller gruppe så er det fullt mulig å chartre hele båten for dere selv for den unike opplevelsen. 

Fishinhg gear is included, but feel free to bring your own favorite rod if you prefer.

Our boat is well suited for fishing with deck space both in front and rear. With a heated cabin to get those frozen fingers thawed. Welcome to a coastal adventure at Sommarøy


Smart to bring:

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