Aurora dog sledding

Dogsledding under the northern lights

Our evening dog sled trips are truly magical and special.

Depending on the weather, your team will drive you through the deep crisp snow, under the stars with the mountains silhouetted against the moonlight. More often than not, the northern lights will appear above you watching as you ride along on your sled. If the weather is a little wild, experience what it is like to be a true adventurer, bonding with your team as they lead you through the winding path through the woods and up onto the plain.

Parts of our trails are over steep and undulating terrain and therefor only suitable for fit adventure seekers. Two participants share a sled, alternating between mushing the sled and being a passenger.

We provide Arctic proof boots and winter clothing. However, we recommend for you to wear a good quality base layer with a woollen jumper or fleece.


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Basic information

Minimum booking of 2 persons age 18 years and up.


Met up time: 17:00 by the hotel reseption.

Duration: Aprox 7 hours

You will receive full instructions on how to mush your team and control your sled, preparing you fully for this unique adventure. The dog sled ride will take about 2 hours*, weather dependent. On your return, you will have the opportunity to unharness your team before saying good bye to your faithful dogs. A warm camp fire will be waiting for you, around which you can sit and exchange your stories of the trip whilst eating your packed dinner along with hot beverages and biscuits.

This trip is suitable for anyone with a good fitness. We do not recommend to join the activity if you suffer from back pain, epilepsy or heart problems or in the later stages of pregnancy.

*Bare in mind that nature is unpredictable and exactly when the snows arrive will always vary a little from year to year. Dog sledding needs good quality snow, so the actual sled time can be shorter in November and December.

What is included:

  • Experienced guide
  • Mushing instructions
  • Arctic proof boots/winter clothing
  • Hot drink/biscuits
  • Transfer from Sommarøy Arctic hotel

Smart things to bring:

  • Long sleeve base layer, like wool or fleece to wear underneath arctic suit. Preferably double layers.
  • Warm sweater or a fleece jacket/jumper.
  • Spare gloves and a warm hat.
  • Camera/GoPro.
  • Water bottle.

NB! Remember to fully charge the batteries for your camera as the cold quickly drains them of power. Bring spares if you have.

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