Sommarøy Tromsø

Activities in nature!

The Arctic Carribian

Welcome to our backyard. Sommarøy Adventure is all about sustainable outdoor activities in worldclass surroundings. Whether you kayak, fish, hike or bike you will be a part of our small island community for your part of the stay. 

If you visit Sommarøy  in the north of Norway on a summer’s day, you would be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere in the Caribbean. The coral beaches and turquoise ocean appear to belong in a much warmer climate, and only when you step into the water do you realise that you are actually in the Arctics.

Sandvika beach at Hillesøy.
Majestic island Haaja is the inspiration to Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø. Picture shot at midnight in July.

Midnight sun for two months

This has earned the destination the reputation as ‘the Arctic Caribbean’, though with yet another major difference: the midnight sun. Experience the never-ending summer nights, where you see the sun setting and then rising again without ever touching the horizon. From mid-May to mid-July, there is constant daylight, and with Sommarøy among the last pieces of land before you reach the open ocean, there are no mountains blocking the view of the sun.

Seven Months of green magic

Northern Lights

In winter, or to be exact – from early September to late March, the northern lights are right there on your doorstep. Thanks to the lack of light pollution on the scarcely populated island, it is one of the worlds best places watching the colourful lights dance in the sky.

The scenic route

Sommarøy is located only an hour’s drive away from Tromsø Airport and is so small, you can walk around the edges of the island in a couple of hours. The journey is a scenic drive through fjords and mountains, and one of the bonuses, is that on your return back to Tromsø, you could take another scenic road along coast

On shore for lunch at one of the many beaches.
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